Abdominal Pain

Emergency Abdominal Pain Treatment in Houston

When Stomachache Is Cause for Concern

Abdominal pain can be experienced anywhere in the belly region, and although it’s usually called a stomachache, it can, in fact, affect any number of internal organs in the abdominal region. The intensity of the pain is a vast spectrum from a dull ache to sudden, stabbing pain. You may also have other symptoms like fever, vomiting, or diarrhea.

While most stomachaches resolve spontaneously, others require emergency medical treatment, as it could indicate acute appendicitis, a heart attack, a gallbladder attack, or food poisoning. There are many other conditions, though, including chronic (long-lasting) or progressive (worsening) conditions. If you are pregnant, it could indicate an ectopic pregnancy.

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Is My Abdominal Pain an Emergency?

Just about everybody will have a stomachache at some point, but when is it an emergency? Here are a few symptoms that could warrant a trip to the emergency room.

Should I Go to the ER for Abdominal Pain?

Symptoms of severe abdominal pain are those accompanied by fever, worsening pain, breathing difficulties, yellow skin, severe abdominal tenderness, you are vomiting blood, or have bloody stool. If you are pregnant or recently had abdominal surgery, you should also seek emergency treatment.

When a Stomachache Can Wait for an Appointment

If your abdominal pain is persistent or worries you, you can make an appointment with your primary care doctor. In the meantime, there are several ways to ease your pain. For example, eat smaller meals if you experience indigestion, and avoid over-the-counter painkillers like NSAIDs or aspirin, as they can cause stomach irritation as a side effect.