Emergency Back Pain Treatment in Houston 

When Back Pain Can’t Wait for an Appointment

While it’s common for most people to try to power through an occasional backache, sometimes back pain symptoms can be so severe that the thought of waiting for an appointment with a primary care physician seems unbearable. Severe back pain can indicate a larger problem. How can you tell, though, if it warrants a trip to the emergency room? 

Signs You May Require Emergency Treatment for Back Pain

Back pain that doesn’t respond to rest may be a sign of an emergency, especially if you have given it some time to heal after an injury or strain. If the pain is accompanied by a fever, numbness, weakness, or incontinence (loss of bladder or bowel control), you should seek immediate medical attention. Likewise, individuals with specific medical conditions may have a more serious issue than “just” back pain. For instance, if you have a history of cancer, immunosuppression, recent traumatic injury, or intravenous drug use, you may need emergency back pain treatment.

When Urgent Care May Be a Better Option for Back Pain Treatment

Not all back pain is a dire emergency but could still benefit from prompt medical assessment when an appointment with your own doctor isn’t available within the week. If your back pain increases and won’t respond to over-the-counter medication or if it is accompanied by nausea, urgent care may be able to relieve your pain. Also, if your pain is worse when making specific movements or the pain radiating down your hip and/or leg, you should go to urgent care for treatment. An urgent care physician can prescribe medication to help control your symptoms in the short term and can offer referrals for further evaluations. 

Is your back pain so severe you can’t wait for an appointment? Consider coming to Sacred Heart ER for immediate medical attention. 

  • "Everyone who participated in my care did so with kindness and efficiency that exceeded anything I have ever experienced at any emergency facility, either when I was the patient or when I was accompanying the patient. Let me again say thank you to everyone "
    William G.
  • "My visit isn’t even finished and I’m super impressed already. I spent seven hours in the emergency room at the hospital left and came here. There was no wait, I was able to see the doctor right away, and the personality of the staff is just phe"
    Tracy W.
  • "I really appreciate how professional and caring all of the team members were. If you ever find yourself in a situation that warrants emergency care, do not hesitate to go here, you will be well taken care of."
    Kim P.
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