Common Reasons Why People Visit an Emergency Room

Why do people visit the Emergency Room?

Common Reasons Why People Visit an Emergency Room

For many Houstonians, visiting an emergency room is an option if you can’t get to your doctor’s office or if you have a medical emergency. About 124 million people visit emergency rooms in the country each year. There are several issues as to why people visit the ER with some of the common reasons listed below.

Chest Pain

This is one of the top reasons why many people visit the ER because it’s advised that anyone who has pain in the chest seek medical attention as soon as possible. A heart attack can occur suddenly with little warning aside from pain in the chest.

Pain In The Abdomen

There are various reasons as to why you would visit the ER with abdominal pain. Most visits are for children who complain of pain associated with a stomach virus or the appendix although adults seek treatment for the same issues. Kidney stones and ulcers are also common reasons for visiting the ER if you experience abdominal pain.

Aching Teeth

A toothache can often result in a trip to the ER if the pain is severe or if there is an infection.

Bone And Ligament Issues

A broken bone often warrants a trip to the ER. Sprains are another common reason as to why people of all ages visit the ER and can occur by doing almost anything around the house or while you’re not at home.

Respiratory Concerns

Sometimes, there are breathing issues as a result of a cold, the flu or bronchitis that warrant a trip to the ER. If you feel short of breath for any reason, it’s best to get a doctor to examine you instead of waiting.

Cuts And Bruises

At times, a cut is deep enough that stitches are needed. If you see bruises that appear on the body for no apparent reason, they should be examined.

Pain In The Back

There are many causes for back pain, such as kidney stones or straining a muscle. This is one of the most common reasons why people visit the ER because of the range of causes that could be present.


Any kind of infection on the skin should be examined. There could be other symptoms, such as a fever or pain, associated with the infection that can also be treated at the ER.

Odd Objects

Unfortunately, objects can find their way into the body. A foreign object in the body needs to be removed as soon as possible as death is a possibility depending on where the object is located.


A headache can be caused by a number of factors. It could be from stress, from an illness or from a severe issue that needs immediate attention. At Sacred Heart ER, we can perform tests to determine if there are any emergent issues and prescribe the proper medications to help with the pain.

Visiting Sacred Heart Houston Emergency Room

At Sacred Heart, we aim to provide the best emergency room care for all patients. We are open 24/7 and staffed by board certified ER doctors.  We have full imaging and lab capabilities in-house and offer convenient access with minimal or no wait time.